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This article includes the step-wise description  for the recovery of  Aol gold password. If you have logged into account before long back and forgotten password then you can recover. For the  recovery AOL password follow the given instruction.

  • Visit the official website of Aol.
  • login to your account Aol account.
  • Provide the username to change the password.
  • After that, Click on next.

Two Screen will appear just after entering the username. Now choose the option as per your

convenient account type. Aol gold password recovery

You will get two option such as:

  1. Forget password.
  2. I forgot my password.

If you choose the  “Forgot password” option then follow the given steps for the recovery of your Aol account password.

Recovery of Aol gold password with the help of phone number verification.

  1. Initially tap on the Forgot password option
  2. include your user name on the given section.
  3. Snap on next.
  4. Enter the phone number for the recovery that you have used at the time of making account.
  5. Snap on next.
  6. Choose the text option to get a verification code sent to you by SMS or call to receive a phone call with the verification code.
  7. Type the verification code.
  8. Tap on next.
  9. Choose your favorite password and provide on the given section.
  10. Click on save.

Recover with the help of password rest link on your recovery email address.

  1. Click on the Forgot Password option.
  2. Enter the Username.
  3. Snap on next.
  4. Tap on try another verification option.
  5. Tap on the rest link that has been sent your email id.
  6. Click on next.
  7. Now, click on close.
  8. Choose the option reset link to my recovery mail address.
  9. Click on next
  10. The reset will be sent on your concerned email id.
  11. Click on close.
  12. Login to your recovery mail and check for message from the Aol having the subject line “Request to reset your password.”
  13. Click on the Reset Password button in the email.
  14. Create a new password and provide it in the given section.
  15. Click on save.

Verify the  security question and check profile information.

  1. Choose the Forgot Password option.
  2. Provide the username in corresponding section.
  3. Snap on next.
  4. Select the verifying option
  5. Now, verify the security question as well as the profile information.
  6. Snap on next.
  7. Enter the requested profile criteria.
  8. Include the new password according to tour choice.
  9. Click on save.

If the second image appears for the recovery of Aol gold password recovery on your screen then go through the given institution for the recovery

  1. Click on the “I forgot my password” option.
  2. Now your phone number will appear on the screen in form of missing digits, then provide the phone number which exactly matches with recovery phone number. If you don’t get such option then go the steps 3.
  3. Choose Yes, send me a verification code on this phone number via SMS text or call me with a verification code.
  4. Enter the verification code on the given section.
  5. Click on Submit.
  6. Create a strong new password.
  7. include  new password in the new password section and Confirm new password option.
  8. Click on continue.
  9. Finally,  click on Ok.

Recover Aol account via email address rest link. 

  1. Choose the  I forgot my password option.
  2. The details regarding the file for your account will include the information that you found first.
  • If you have the actual recovery email address but no phone number, you will get a ” Do you have access to this mail” message with an email address given below. Click on Yes, send me a verification code.
  • If you can access both recovery email address as well as phone number, here you will get the phone number given below in the form of missing digits. Now click on “I don’t have access to this phone number.” A screen will appear with your email address. Click on Yes, send me a verification code.

3. Login to your recovery email account.

4. You will be in boxed with a message from Aol with the subject line “Recover access to your AOL account.” This email include the verification code.

5. Go to the password resetting page.

6. Click on Continue.

7. Create a strong Password.

8. Click on continue.

9. At the end, click on Ok.

Answer the security question and verify profile information

  1. Choose the option “I forgot my password”.
  2. Answer the security question.
  3. Click on verify the security answer.
  4. Include the insisted file information. You may be asked name, date of birth, zip code or other information related to your account.
  5. Snap on continue.
  6. Create a new strong password.
  7. Snap on continue.

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Aol gold password recovery
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