How to use AOL Gold 1-850-583-3302 Toll Free

How to use AOL Desktop Gold mail 1-850-583-3302 Toll Free

The need of modern age is high-tech gadgets so the demand of consumers is highly sophisticated. Sophisticated gadgets require more service and support now and then. So we are introducing how to use AOL Desktop Gold mail to fulfill their requirement. We have already separate blog for ‘how to download and install AOL Desktop Gold‘ It has many new features for the users. By using AOL Mail service user can send or receive the email in a very secure way. The AOL server converts all the emails in an encrypted mode which can be read only by the sender and receiver. If the user faces any kind of technical problem while using it then they can contact AOL Customer Support team help you to use AOL GOLD Mail. Our customer support team is skilled enough to fix all kind of AOL desktop gold problem. Our service is available 24/7 online by AOL Mail. We ensure to provide the quality service with 100% accuracy to each individual in USA and Canada.

AOL Mail has as many as features you can think of. It facilitates the user to import their complete data from old version to the latest version AOL Desktop Gold through its import wizard. By the use AOL Gold Mail user can compose a message in a formatted style. They have the facility of filter searching option where they put filter for searching by date, by time, by folder and many others. The user has the advantage that they can chat with their friends from the buddy list who are online. The user can sort their email according to their requirements. The one who use AOL Gold Mail, can also create and manage their folder and customize them even according to their need. The user has the facility to utilize the keyboard shortcuts.

We have observed that the user utilize numerous, who use AOL Gold Mail. There is a possibility that users may encounter some problem with AOL desktop gold software and need it sort that out quickly. AOL Mail Customer Technical Support has an extremely intelligent technician to help you out in such situation. They will guide you to use AOL Gold Mail and make you understand each step in fixing the problems. Our customers are accessible 24/7 for support. Want to know more about AOL Gold Support.

How to use AOL Gold 1-850-583-3302 Toll Free
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