Why do use Aol Desktop Gold 1-850-583-3302 Toll-Free

Why do use Aol Desktop Gold 1-850-583-3302 Toll-Free

In this content, you will find the reason actually why do we use Aol Desktop gold as well as the best use of Aol Desktop gold. Aol gold has the enhanced security quality features that keep your account safe from hacking. Aol Desktop gold provides two-step verification procedures to authenticate the right user of the account holder. It also secures your account from being hacked. Moreover it also has the encryption feature that makes the personal information you kept in Aol Desktop gold safer from the one who tries to steal.

Aol Desktop gold and traditional AOL is very much similar feature wise. Your usernames, passwords, toolbar icons and mail will be sent along with your favorite contacts.

Features of latest Aol Gold

The latest version of AOL gold has many exclusive features and it is more safe and secure. Aol Desktop gold has been optimized for the speed of broadband internet.

The all new desktop Gold has the features to update Aol gold software. Now the up gradation of software will happen automatically in the background, it gives you an uninterrupted, connected experience.

The advantage of the new update process includes the following features.

Automatic Updates

  • It always has the latest software version to access AOL.
  • Acquire less space on your computer since it automatically replaces the existing updates.

Advanced Technology

  • Takes less time since it has improved speed and performance.
  • Very less error and less frequent crashes.

Customized Font and Text Options

  • You can personalize the preferences and style by changing the text and font sizes.

Two-Screen Verification Process

  • It restricts your Aol gold account from being compromised or hacked.

Simplified Install Process

  • It includes the very few steps to Aol Desktop gold download and install it.
  • Consume less time because the installation and downloading process are comparatively faster.

 Similar Look and Feel

  • You don’t have to learn about the new tools and you can use the latest version flawlessly.
  • Similarly, it’s easy to use navigation that you are already familiar with.

 Import Wizard

  •  The latest version automatically takes the usernames, passwords, toolbar icons and mail.
  • You can also manually run an import from the file menu.

 Contacts and Favorites stored on AOL servers

  • Your Contacts and favorites will be stored in the server of Aol Desktop gold not on your desktop or computer.

Updated Web Browser

  •  It immediately saves your favorite websites on the Favorites and the toolbar.
  • You don’t have to wait long for your favorite websites like Facebook or Pinterest to load.
Why do use Aol Desktop Gold 1-850-583-3302 Toll-Free
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